Get a good night || why sleep is important for humans

 Get a good sleep

's sleep if you want to control your brain It is noor.ul.ain to control them. However, if you get enough sleep, you can control your brain and the thoughts that come to your mind. 

The study, of Marcus of the Department of Psychology at the University of UK, conducted under the supervision of Herrington Kyrgyzstan in the recruited 60 healthy volunteers to find out the effects of sleep deprivation on the human brain and thoughts. Divided into two groups of equal BP. In one group they had a lifetime of sleep deprivation. Immediately after that some of the people in both groups underwent some psychological tests to find out if they were But to what extent is it controlled?

 The tests showed that the volunteers who did not get enough sleep lost their sleep F. and were now better able to control thoughts. In contrast, the volunteer was given without completing his sleep. He lost control of his mind, while his mind was dominated by inverted and restless thoughts. This research has specifically explained the psychological and nervous stress that arises after trauma in which a person thinks about the same thing over and over again and his thoughts are out of his control. Getting enough sleep can be an effective treatment for this and all such psychiatric patients.

Dr. Herrington says that getting enough sleep can not only prevent many mental illnesses but also help treat mental illness.