There is a useful prescription for human health || To get rid of mouth ulcers || For gastrointestinal diseases || Gas patients || Treatment of tonsillitis

 There is a useful prescription for human health.

For gastrointestinal diseases,

 If one's stomach is bad and the digestive system is damaged, he should take out one or two loaves of odor juice and put one or two loaves of bread in it. Knead the dough, do not add salt in it. If the patient eats this food for two or three weeks, his digestive system will be cured.

To get rid of mouth ulcers

Add a teaspoon of kalonji in two glasses of water and boil this water. Will go Cheap and cracked sweet treatment of itching away. Put a towel of tamarind and a lot of flowers in a glass of water at night and put it in this water in the morning and mix it in this water. Mix and sift, then take a look at the mouth. Cat, this is a very experienced and arrow-targeted recipe.

Bed To eliminate

 Stomach worms, to eliminate stomach worms, boil kalonji in water and drink it before going to at night. Soon your worms will get stomach worms.

Get dust allergies treatment

Kalonji rid of50 grams. Spaghetti peel 50 grams and honey 50 grams. Mix all of them together and eat one tablespoon after each meal will be eliminated.

 Gas patients

Gas patients eat three to eleven dates daily in the morning for a week.water or milk from the top. Get rid of this disease. 

Treatment of  tonsillitis

 Tonsillitis today by adding salt to warm water. Gargling twice a day relieves tonsillitis. Applying it on the enlarged tonsils makes them sit up. Take it in each direction and swallow it. Then the hot milk is slowly squeezed.