Diagnosis of malaria from self-examined || how to diagnosis of malaria

Diagnosis of malaria from self-examined


Hostel Tax Engineers at SS University have invented a very bad and tiny needle bandage that does not require bleeding from your body in just 20 minutes.

certainly know at this time is to present the rapid diagnostic test malaria, which give results in 15 minutes away, but all the blood from the victim's body to avoid such large and expensive treatment Further tests are quite expensive and also these difficulties due to test-flung them away and lacks basic amenities of life where possible in marginalized  of  areas focus in Mechanical engineering Post-Doc Research Fellow at Rice University and Associate Prof. Sir Peter B. Leila Army has invented this diagnostic furnace of self-sleep.

It looks like a normal party applied to a wound, but it has a number of brake bracelet microwave dresses, each of which has a diameter of 375 micrometers. It's wide. When you call it, it is found There are small amounts of fluid in the heart. So there was a small test on the back of the Yuki. Jeep experiences a maya. T

he presence or absence of anti-malarial antiparticles in it. Detect the presence of. In the presence of malaria or antibodies malaria, the bandage changes color, so the doctor knows if the patient has malaria or not. Dr. Sui and Peter say that the Eid diagnostic furnace Both of them have tried it on themselves and nothing more than the slightest sting has been invented with the funding of the Huawei Manda Dates Foundation, which doctors say that if it were good we would be able to shape society. But with minor modifications, the same technology can be used to diagnose other diseases because people under the age of the year have antibodies.

They hope that if the bandage is developed on a large scale, it will cost more. Only a dollar or less will be left